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GSM product portfolio now being offered by Opta

Thanks for visiting the Opta Core Client Portal.

The GSM product portfolio is now being offered by Opta, another member of The PERFORM Group, and the world's leading supplier of sports data. GSM products will be marketed as Opta core data feeds.

The level of coverage you expect from GSM is still available in its entirety from Opta and now has the added benefit of Opta's more detailed live data from the world of sport.

Existing customers will still be able to call exactly the same data functions and experience the same high level of service as when the data was supplied under the GSM banner.

Please be assured that the Global Sports Media-branded API calls remain fully operational, ( and there are no plans to remove this functionality for existing customers.

New customers will be set up on the similar ( calls.

There is no requirement for existing customers to move over to the new API calls, although new customers will be given these new calls as standard. All the documentation on the client portal here refers to, however, they apply equally to the

Support queries should now be sent to